Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend: Top Ten List

I know you are all wondering what happened on my four day Easter Weekend with my super sexy single Swedish friend (check out that awesome use of alliteration).

So here is a quick update in list format! I love lists. (You have now been warned - plan to see more of them in the future).

Top Ten Things We Did NOT Do Over Easter Weekend:

  1. Dress up as Easter Bunnies - sorry to disappoint you
  2. Hunt for Easter Eggs - I couldn't convince my friend to play the Easter bunny (I should have bought her the costume...)
  3. Sleep very much... In fact, we didn't actually go to bed before 4 am on any single night
  4. Go to any museums or participate in any cultural activities outside of seeing the musical Chicago and having afternoon tea
  5. Find amazing cute London men (we found plenty of men... but unfortunately no amazing ones... unless my friend begs to differ)?
  6. Stay in and watch DVD's - we talked about doing this but of course we decided to pretend we are younger than we feel so we went out clubbing instead
  7. Talk about Ex-boyfriends - nope we didn't do this NOT AT ALL; we are both so over our exes... ummm... (I might be lying a little bit here)
  8. See any London tourist attractions - woops - this is the second time this friend has visited me and the second time that we didn't manage to do any sightseeing - she is such a bad influence on me!
  9. Go to my favorite Chelsea nightclub - Valmont - which I'm still kind of sad about...
  10. Drink enough water - we seemed to be in a constant state of hangover induced dehydration - despite the bottles of sparkling mineral water my friend insisted that we keep purchasing to ward off the evil hangovers...

Top Ten Things We DID Do Over Easter Weekend:

  1. Drink - a lot (But you were expecting this right
  2. Have afternoon Tea (with champagne of course) - and the best part is that we flirted with the waiter and somehow managed to get a ten pound discount (by the way, I still can't figure out how to make the pound sign on my computer so I have to write it out every time. If anyone knows where to find this, please tell me). If you are in London and don't want to pay top hotel prices but still want a fantastic afternoon tea, I suggest you check out The Botanist - and don't forget to flirt with the waiters! You just might get a good deal
  3. See the musical Chicago - Very good! Very hot! Very Sexy! I recommend it!
  4. Eat a lot - especially Indian food
  5. Have drinks at the uber-trendy Zuma
  6. Meet my sexy single Italian friend for dinner and talk about lots of fun girl stuff such as "size really does matter" and so does "lasting more than one minute" -sorry boys!
  7. Have an after-party at my house with young obnoxious boys
  8. Go to an after-party with old obnoxious boys (and on that note, I should have been a banker, I mean this guy had a 4 floor house in Chelsea! WTF! And I think my 2 bedroom apartment is kind of awesome - and extremely expensive).
  9. Hang out with Swedish men - this is kinda the thing in my life - it seems like Swedes are everywhere... but the funny thing is that we crashed a colleague's birthday party and met his Swedish friends who were also visiting from Sweden and it was all very confusing how we all knew each other or where we had met before... (I will spare you the dramatic details here)
  10. Go for a run in the rain until my friend begged me to go home (I secretly wanted to go home as well but it was more fun to blame the short workout on her)
  11. (I actually can count... but I was on a roll decided to keep going here - it's my blog - I make the rules) Complain a lot about how tired we were because we kept getting home so late and not sleeping late enough
  12. (Take really bad pictures of ourselves at a nightclub because we were bored - oh yes, there is obviously a whole Facebook montage just waiting to be posted...

Hope You all had a great Easter!

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Anonymous said...

We did NOT meet any cute british boys but there are other nationalities...;)
/The Swedish friend