My blog is about the life you didn’t choose. Your alternative choice. The path not taken. My blog is about what if you didn’t marry your high school or college sweetheart. What if you didn’t have children with them in your late twenties or early thirties. What if you said “yes” when your company asked you to move abroad (five times). What if you pursued your career relentlessly and with single minded determination to get ahead and be the best. What if you left your friends and family behind. What if you gave it all up for a new adventure? And what if you didn’t care so much about the end destination but more about the journey and decided that life is about laughing about yourself rather than taking yourself so seriously?

That’s what my blog is about. I’m an International Woman of Mystery and I’m on an international search for love and laughs and above all, lots of fun. My family is always close to my heart and my friends all over the world are the energy that keeps me going. Sometimes I’m serious and like to write about my reflections on living abroad or feeling like a foreigner. But most of the time, I write about silly encounters and silly men that I meet. I’m not sure Mr. Right is out there for me... I’m not even sure that finding him is my ultimate goal. I think it’s the journey that counts and that’s what I’m documenting here for all you to read. Please don’t take anything I say too seriously. I don’t take myself very seriously. And always remember, sometimes, when you feel like crying, it’s much better to laugh.

Sometimes, my blog and my international adventures might make you green with envy (at least I hope). But I assume that most of the time, you will just be happy that you are reading this from the safety of your own computer.I invite you to live vicariously through me. To laugh with me, cry with me but mostly to love with me. Love my stories (of course) but mostly to love yourself and your own life as that is your own special adventure. I just offer mine as a funny alternative.