Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dating in London...

"Boys on My Left Side, Boys on My Right Side, Boys in the Middle But You're Not Here... " -Tori Amos

In an attempt to get over my my Ex Boyfriend - the Beautiful Swede, I have entered the dating world in a very serious way.

And for lack of anything else interesting to write about... Or for the fact that I guess this is my life... I'm going to start by writing about dating in London... But before I begin, I should mention one or two other things.

First, my main way of meeting people these days is via the Internet. is my current dating site where I have spent many an evening trolling away looking for handsome tall men who sound interesting and use correct English grammar. Most likely I will have to devote a full blog entry to the joys of Internet dating (seriously) but I will save that for later.

Second, dating takes up a lot of time and energy! I once had a colleague who listed dating as her hobby when asked by another colleague what she liked to do outside of work. Everyone laughed when she said this but since then, since entering the busy dating world myself, I understand what she means! It take soooo much time! It could be a full-time job. Really. And you think about it a lot. You obsess over the dates, you stress before you go on one, you wonder if he's going to call. You wonder if he's right for you. You spend time online - deleting people mostly (in my case) or writing back to people, deciding if you want to meet them. Carefully composing interesting and funny emails... So, shallow as it may seem to write about my dating life... Well, outside of work - and the gym of course, dating is sadly what's taking up my time!

Third, I have a "type." He is tall and dark and usually incredibly handsome. When I say tall, I mean over 6 foot three (preferably around 6 foot five). I also like kind of geeky guys. And I have a soft spot for musicians or creative artist types (kind of opposite of me I guess). Without sounding racially biased, I should mention that my 'type' also happens to be white... I think... At least so far. That being said, I realize that this definition (especially the height one) is incredibly limiting. So, I'm attempting to be more open-minded and try "new men." I'm always up for trying new things...

Fourth, it should be noted that the dating saga that follows takes place Post-Break up with my Ex - the Beautiful One. It also takes place post September when I moved to London. So, new city, new life, newly single... well... you get it.

Stay tuned for the tragic yet slightly hilarious details.

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