Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Year, New Blog

So, it's a New Year. Thank God. I for one am very glad to put 2009 to rest. For me, it was an incredibly tough year. I am absolutely determined to make 2010 much more fabulous! But at the end of 2009, I took a critical look at myself and in addition to be overworked and over-traveled, I also found myself creatively destitute and lacking passion. I usually keep myself busy with small projects, but during the last year the only projects I worked on were work related. Basically, when I finally stopped long enough to look around, I could no longer recognize myself outside of the career woman I had become. So, after some deep soul searching and a lot of self questioning, I came up with a list of things that I liked to do that had nothing to do with work and decided to start doing them again.

One of those things I like to do is write. I used to write a lot. I enjoy writing. But somehow it has gotten lost in the shuffle of 70 hour working weeks and massive amounts of travel. Say nothing of the moving between countries and trying to keep up with friends and family all over the world. Besides frequently updating my Facebook status, exchanging a few emails with friends... I never write anymore. I realize that I have not even kept up with my journal in the past years.

So, in 2010 as part of my attempt to have a more fabulous year, I'm going to start to write again. What better way then to start a blog and add to the already over-saturated world of egocentric whinny people writing about their pathetic lives and looking for attention. Hmm... maybe not. I definitely have been having second thoughts. But what the hell? Why not. Maybe my friends will read it - then at least I can cut down on catching up so much over emails and Facebook status posts.

So, here it is: my first blog post. And what exactly am I going to write about - you might be wondering? Well, so am I! Ha ha... Well, what does anyone who blogs write about? Usually themselves... so, I thought a little bit about what's going on in my life and what I could write about... And I came up with the fact that I just moved to a new city and I mainly do three things: work, work out, and date. Well, you tell me what's the most interesting here?

So, having recently moved from Stockholm to London and having recently broken up with a guy and been re-initiated back to the Single World. Well.... I'm going to write about dating in London. Or looking for Love in London. Or the International Woman of Mystery takes on London. Or LIVING IT UP IN LONDON, Or how about just having a more fabulous year in 2010. Oh - who knows... I'm just going to write. And if you like it, you can keep reading. And if you don't... at least I'm writing again and it makes me feel better.

What I'm not going to write about... well is work. I spend so much time working and talking and thinking about work. I sometimes think that work has drained all my energy and that I've given my life and my youth to this company I have worked for for the past 9 years. So, I'm not going to write about work here. Of course as my work and my travel due to work has a large impact on my life it might be mentioned as relevant background information, but I do not think it will be a central theme. And as I feel the need to keep my work and my private life as separate as possible (which is very hard at the moment) I will keep this blog anonymous for the time being. So, if you happen to be one of the few people that I work with who I have mentioned this blog to, please do not pass this around the office. I don't really need a boost in the office gossip category. That seems to go pretty well on it's own without any help.

So... as for my blog and why anyone should read it...

If you are single, then hopefully you recognize some of the things I'm writing about and you can laugh commiserate and celebrate with me.

If you are married, then hopefully you will realize that you should stay married. It's really not that fun to be single.

And if you met someone before you had the chance to actually try Internet dating, then please read on and live vicariously through me.

Either way - well, please laugh with me and know that I don't take myself or this blog very seriously. ;)

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