Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend

So, a Match boy sent me a poem about how to be a perfect boyfriend along with a Charming little note. I loved the poem so much I couldn't help but share!

In Case you are wondering, I thought the poem was great, but alas I didn't like his picture and being a totally shallow person, I didn't go on a date with him or even write him back. I know. Try not to judge. I have other awesome qualities but wasting my time writing back to unattractive but sweet boys isn't one of them.

How are you? Was looking through your profile and you sounded lovely so thought I would give you a mail and see if you will get back to me. Hopefully you will - I promise to be at least 60% interesting if you do (which isn't bad nowadays).

I will leave you with this - A Poem: "How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend." Not that I think anyone could ever be the perfect boyfriend. Including me - I have way too many faults. Anyway, here it goes.......
Hope you get back to me soon
D x.

How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend
Sometimes you've got to be macho
And do loads of things that are tough
But sometimes it's best to be quite and gentle
And say loads of soppy type stuff
You've got to have hundreds of muscles
And girls always like a nice bum
But you mustn't be hairy or sweaty or fat
Or have any flab on your tum.
Don't ever talk about football
Or make nasty smells in the bed
Or joke about bosoms with mates in the pub
Or drink till you're out of your head
You've got to be funny and clever
And do loads of things by surprise
Like shouting out loud in the back of a bus
My girlfriend's got beautiful eyes."
You don't have to have too much money
But make sure you've just got enough
To buy loads of presents and chocolates and flowers
And sexy silk undies and stuff
Say to your girlfriend "You're gorgeous
Your body's a twelve out of ten
You're sexy and beautiful, clever and kind.
Then tell her all over again.

Very nice poem don't you think? But the question is: are there any men out there who can live up to this? What do you think?

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emily said...

Luckily, I found one and married him quickly. And 21 years after we met, h still lives up to the ideal :)