Monday, June 28, 2010

Rugged vs. Glamorous

I know you are all waiting for an update on my Fab trip to California. But I'm going to keep you in suspense a bit longer as I think that a wedding of a friend who is like a brother to me needs some serious space and by default time spent writing and I'm kind of tired. So, stay tuned for an awesome update on an awesome trip. But in the meantime, I leave you with the following little post about something that happened to me tonight.

But first, those of you who know me, before you begin reading this... please try to think of adjectives that you would use to describe me. Ok. Did you do it? Good (I know you were only thinking nice things - ha ha). But hold that thought and read on.

So tonight... I'm walking through the streets of Northampton, Massachusetts trying to get my burrito fix after a tough gym workout (I miss Mexican food when in Europe so I tend to eat copious amounts of it when I'm in the US to make up for the fact that all Mexican food outside of the US and Mexico is really bad - oh, with the exception of Maya in Shanghai) when a homeless and/or crazy man (as they often are) walks up to me and goes " You are so rugged. So rugged. Beautiful, but so rugged and so beautiful." Umm... Ok...

First of all. It seems like only in America do random strangers on the street feel the need to comment on your appearance, your attitude, whatever... This is a very common thing (especially in the streets of Northampton) although usually people give me positive comments such as "I like your outfit." "I like your shoes." "Where did you get that dress?" "You have a beautiful smile." "A beautiful girl like you should not be walking alone." - These are all comments directed at me that I have heard on the streets of Northampton before. But no one has ever called me rugged.

Second of all. Give me a break buddy. I had just been to the gym where I had a good 2 hour workout and I was still in my sweaty gym clothes with my sweaty hair plastered to my head. I had no makeup on (except for whatever was still smudged under my eyes from the wedding I went to 2 nights ago). I hadn't showered in over 2 days and had endured a long hungover plane ride back from San Fran. And even though it was evening, it was still over 80 degrees and humid out (note that I have manged to convert back to Fahrenheit). Basically, I wasn't exactly looking my best although I also didn't care... I was at the gym!

But still... rugged? Please see the description of rugged below. Does this sound like me? For those of you who know me, was that an adjective you came up with?

1. having a roughly broken, rocky, hilly, or jagged surface: rugged ground.
2. (of a face) wrinkled or furrowed, as by experience or the endurance of hardship.
3. roughly irregular, heavy, or hard in outline or form; craggy: Lincoln's rugged features.
4. rough, harsh, or stern, as persons or nature.
5. full of hardship and trouble; severe; hard; trying: a rugged life.
6. tempestuous; stormy: rugged weather.
7. harsh to the ear: rugged sounds.
8. rude, uncultivated, or unrefined.
9. homely or plain: rugged fare.
10. capable of enduring hardship, wear, etc.; strong and tough: rugged floor covering; a rugged lumberjack.

1. uneven, irregular, craggy. 4. austere. 6. turbulent. 7. grating, cacophonous. 8. unpolished, crude.

In fact, I would say that the adjective most used to describe me would be Glamorous... See the definition of Glamorous below. After reading both descriptions, those of you who know me, which one best describes me? Rugged? Or Glamorous?


1. full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, esp. in a mysterious or magical way.
2. full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity: the glamorous job of a foreign correspondent.

1. captivating, beguiling, fascinating, alluring, bewitching.

Glamorous is an adjective that I try to live up to for the most part - by making sure my hair is shiny and well highlighted (no roots for me), wearing makeup (at least mascara) whenever I go out even to the gym (tonight was an exception), keeping my clothes simple but well put together in a classic yet slightly sexy fashion, tending to er on the side of being overdressed rather than under-dressed, keeping my skin soft and moisturized, wearing alluring scents (vanilla being my all time favorite) wearing high heels... Also glamorousness (which the dictionary is telling me is not a word but I don't care) is a lifestyle that I try to embody: having interesting things to say, being well read, keeping up with the news and pop culture, being well traveled, having an interesting life. As the dictionary says - full of adventure, excitement and unusual activity. I mean what International Woman of Mystery isn't glamorous?

But I do admit, I do draw the line at putting much effort into looking glamorous at the gym. I mean even an International Woman of Mystery like myself can't be glamorous all the time. And getting glammed up and looking beautiful at the gym is just not my thing. I'm not there to socialize - I'm there for a good work out. And in typical American fashion, I often don't shower at the gym choosing to do that at home instead and sometimes I stop for food or something on the way home and I try not to worry too much about the impression I'm making on others because most of time when not coming right from the gym... I know that I am glamorous!

But hey... to put it all in perspective, he did tell me I was beautiful. I guess it could have been worse...


Anonymous said...

My adjective would be self centered bitch.... wait that is an adjective and a noun, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

One time, when having a pint at a pub in London, a scrawny bald man leaned over and said, "You look bloody haggard!" All I could do was drop my jaw. Who says that? Who says that???? He had to be off his trolley!

Ps, I'm new to this blog but I love it! Keep on livin' the life. Good luck in Boston!