Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween

So, I'm sneaking in a quick post to wish you all a great big scary:

Happy Halloween!

Despite the fact that this move has kind of gotten the best of me and left me Internet challenged for the time being, I could NOT let this holiday go by without writing a quick Halloween post.

I'm so excited to participate in this great American holiday!!

Sure, they celebrate Halloween abroad but not to the extent that Americans do. No way. So, bring it on America! Show me your Halloween style.

There is a definite sugar fueled buzz in the office in anticipation of the big Halloween weekend.

Every desk is lined with plastic pumpkins filled with candy (I'm so on a sugar buzz right now). In fact, one of the vendors got really creative smart and filled the traditional orange plastic pumpkin with not only candy but also with little alcoholic nips. I totally snagged one of those and am displaying it proudly on my desk (proclaiming to my new colleagues that I'm totally an alcoholic) and am sneaking furtive longing glances at it - yes it's one of those days - as I work. I'm thinking that tomorrow I will totally have to hit that (and prove to my new colleagues that I'm totally an alcoholic). Tomorrow is Friday and at-work drinking is usually much more acceptable on Fridays. Right?

So, I'm wondering what are your Halloween plans for the weekend? Are you dressing up? Are you going Trick or Treating? Are you going to hit the town in a pimped out Halloween costume and do some serious partying?

Let me tell you about what I'm doing. I'm so tired of this move. I've decided that this weekend I'm going to have fun. It will be my first weekend out and about since returning back to the US almost 3 weeks ago now. So, I'm hoping that America will bring it on - in full Halloween style!

Tomorrow is the work party. Families and children are invited in the afternoon and in the evening there is a party at the bar.

For the work party, I'm going to keep it pretty tame. I've decided to be an angel (does it get tamer than that)?  I'm going to wear an office appropriate white dress and a halo and some wings... That's about it. I'm still the new girl, so while I love me a dress up party, I'm not ready to go all out. My colleague who I've befriended is going as a Devil, so together we are "good and evil" or "naughty and nice" or whatever...

On Saturday I'm going out with Sexy friend S - who is a crazy friend from back in my college days who I have not seen since, but am totally looking forward to meeting up with - she has promised to introduce me to the Boston nightlife and hopefully some hotty Boston boys!

Oh woops - that sentence got a little distracted and I never finished my main point. But I don't feel like fixing it (my blog, my rules). Let me try again. Sexy friend S is the girl with the plan on Saturday night (although she has yet to decide what that actually is) and she is nice enough to let me tag along and I couldn't be more excited!

But now the big question is... WHAT DO I WEAR?

So, there is where I need your advice. What should I be on Saturday night?

I've got two choices for you. I'm in possession of the two costumes below. Which one should I wear?

Should I be a SEXY FIRE WOMAN?


Let me provide a bit of information on the costumes in order to help you:
  • Despite what you might think based on these pictures, neither of these costumes is very skanky revealing - I mean have you SEEN what is out in the stores for women these days?
  • Neither of these costumes is as short as the picture portrays (the firewoman one in particular is much longer than the picture shows) - I'm 5'8. I'm tall and both are a pretty acceptable length - short for sure but definitely covering my ass! There will be no but cheek flashing in either of these costumes. 
  • I'm not exactly sure of the plans for Saturday night (as Sexy friend S doesn't really have the details together yet) but it sounds like we will hit up a few house parties
  • The firewoman costume is kind of hot... I mean like temperature-wise. It's long sleeves and heavy material
  • The nurse costume is considerably cooler - temperature-wise
  • The firewoman costume actually looks really real... It's kind of freaky
  • The nurse costumes trends a bit to the "cute" side
  • I like profession costumes! Last year I was a sea captain and the year before that I was  policewoman... (not that you really needed this information to choose which costume you like better, but I just felt like sharing that with you)
If I had time, I would do a cool survey on the blog, so that you could vote. But, I don't have time (I'm already sneaking this post in from the office - although after hours of course). So, you will have to let me know what you think in the comments. And be sure to let me know your plans.

And seriously - have a kick ass Halloween everyone.

I will be sure to update you on the weekend's activities and the costume decision in my next post!



Julianna said...

Almost Hubby and I are going to a murder mystery dinner in a castle. I'll be posting, no worries. :) And of course, we'll be Treating with the kids... we go through a path in the woods to a huge neigborhood, it adds to the spookiness. -J

P.Y.T. said...

First: I'm totally jealous of your alcoholic chocolate!! Please send some to NYC! =)

Second: The fire girl is definitely hot and sexy...may be warmer if its really chilly, however, I'm partial to the nurse since I've never seen that before...and personally I like being different.

Third: Rock out this weekend!! I'm actually leaving the states (for the first time!) and heading to Ireland tonight so I'm going to be celebrating Halloween Irish-style (whatever that means).

International Woman of Mystery said...

@Julianna - that's so cool! I have always wanted to do a murder mystery dinner!

@P.Y.T - I'm so excited for you. Have a BLAST! And say hi to the UK for me. I have actually never been to Ireland. Looking forward to hearing about it!

JT said...

I think you should choose firegirl - its hot! I would have loved to be in the states for halloween. I wantedto dress Leo up as a pumpkin today but didn't have time ;).

Matt79 said...

I'm glad that you get to do a proper Halloween this year - as you say, it's not much of a big deal on this side of the pond.

If the plan is to catch the eyes of the Boston men, my vote goes to the nurse!

Average Girl said...

I am sitting around a bonfire handing out free candy to children who otherwise most of the year would be told not to take candy from a stranger... oh the irony. So I am going as me "crabby woman". As for you, I totally like the fire woman!

PS you should do a murder mystery dinner - they rock. I had one based on the orient express. I got train music and put a light and fan behind the curtains so it looked like the room was a train car moving, it was awesome.. Cheers darlin

Eva Gallant said...

Welcome home to the USA. And Boston is about 2 hours from where I live, just south of Portland, Maine. I hope you had a great Halloween.. I'm just visiting from It's An Average Life!

Anonymous said...

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International Woman of Mystery said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! I finally have an apartment and have Internet installed. So literally right now I'm standing in my TOTALLY EMPTY aparment typing on my computer (the computer is on my awesome bar counter top). So, you can see where my priorities lie. I promise that by next week I will be back to my regular blogging and boy do I have lots to tell you!

BTW - I went as the Vintage Nurse. It was Matt who swayed me... I wanted to attract the Boston men... Will tell you how that went soon.

Anonymous said...

So true, I think Halloween in the US is the best! I got to experience it as a child and I miss it. It is practically a non-event everywhere else. A few kids come around for sweets but with no costumes and the worst is, they carry plastic bags from the supermarket. UGH!

Sandra said...

Oh puleeze, I'm all about the skin-revealing costumes! I hope you post pictures once you've settled in, and tell us how your Halloween went!

Average Girl said...

GOOD GRIEF GIRL......... will you please come back! I am so missing you!!!!

Anonymous said...

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