Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lovely Substantial and Honored

I'm in the middle of this crazy move and have lots of interesting things to tell you about the time I'm spending now in Sweden and the beautiful wedding I went to this weekend.

But now, I would like to take a moment to recognize the fact that I have recently received two blog awards from my wonderful followers!

I'm very honored by this. I'm still quite new to this blogging thing and so far, I'm loving every minute of it. I love writing, capturing my memories, and sharing my thoughts. I love the fact that I now have a written record of the crazy adventures of my life. I love challenging myself to be a better writer. I love thinking about "what to write." I love when the mundane daily goings on become interesting blog posts. And most of all I love (and am humbled) by the fact that people actually come and read my blog. Every comment means so much to me! I feel loved and inspired. And of course, my followers are great bloggers too and I love stopping by to read their blogs!

Ok - that ends the "all loved up" acceptance speech section of the post. Now onto the awards...

The first blog award that I was given is:

This award was passed to me from Tracey over at It's an Average Life.

In order to accept this blog, I must do the following:

1. Give Credit to the person who bestowed it and post a link to their blog:
Thank you so much Tracey! I heart your blog and I hope everyone will stop by and check it out. I love the beautiful flowers and nature scenes you post and I especially enjoyed your recent flatulence post! This one made me laugh and laugh. Thanks for continuing to stop by my blog and leave lovely comments.

2. Pass the award on to 10 new blogs you have discovered. - See below

3. Contact the recipients and let them know. - Working on that...

So, here are 10 blogs that I've been reading and loving lately. Please check them out!

Surviving Boys - Julianna over at Surviving Boys writes a wonderful blog! She never fails to entertain me with her way too funny stories about her children, the goings on at her job at the post office (who knew that working at a post office could be so fun), to her plans for her upcoming wedding.

Simply Solo - A fabulous blog written by Catherine who recently called off her wedding and is now navigating the world Solo and having lots of fun while doing so. I love tuning in for her latest dating escapades and she never fails to inspire me with her "reckless flirting."

Turning 30: A Journey of Self Exploration - Jewels over at Turning 30 writes a great blog covering a wide range of topics from the fun to the profound!

Life Begins at 30ty - This girl is living a parallel life to me but going in the opposite direction. As she is moving to London from the US, I'm moving to the US from London. Be sure to check out her sure-to-be-interesting observations on life across the pond.

Dancing Through DC - This is a fabulously fun blog about dating in DC written by a girl who is rediscovering her single self. I enjoy following her adventures as she gets back in the dating game!

The wild and wiley ways of a brunette bombshell - this girl's poetic musings on life and love amuse me and sometimes break my heart. I particularly love the love letters she has written to her future husband.

Something She Dated - This is another great dating blog (notice the trend here). It's a wonderfully written blog and I really enjoy following this girl's journey as she dates many "somethings" in Vancouver.

A Day in the Wife - This is a really fun blog featuring Julie's life as a wife and mother. She refers to her dog as George the Superpet and for some reason I find this immensely funny. And her Whoreticulture Friday posts are really something to look forward to.

Crazy Shenanigans - This is a blog I've just started reading about (in her words) Living and working through life one crazy day at a time.

The Second award my blog was given is:

This award was given to me by P.Y.T at Daterview

Thanks P.Y.T for the awesome recognition. I have recently started reading your blog and I LOVE it!

And if you love a good dating blog as much as I do, I suggest that you get over there and check her out. The tagline for her blog is "Everyone dates. Not everyone writes about it..." And she has summarized her blogging motivation as "Dating is a beautiful disaster." Well P.Y.T., I couldn't agree more!

I was recently given this award, so I'm going to refer back to that post so you can check out how I sum up my blogging motivation and find 10 more fabulous blogs to read.

Thanks for the wonderful awards my dears and thanks to my wonderful followers (I now have 30 - do I dare dream of the day I have hundreds? Hint hint - if you are reading and not a follower, please become one) for coming back and reading!

More fabulous posts coming soon (just got to get this moving continents thing over and done with).

Until then...

Besos! Or as I'm in Sweden, I should probably say Pussar!


Jess said...

Congrats on the double awards! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the "lovely blog award". It means so much to me to be recognized by other bloggers. I am new to blogging and have been so touched by the positive feedback my writing is getting. I appreciate it so much. You really have made my night.

Julianna said...

Awe, thanks! I'd also like to thank my crazy family, friends, and co-workers for giving me new material everyday... Okay, now where's the cake? :) -J

Catherine said...

Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate the recognition. I LOVE your blog :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, thank you for passing it onto me!

Domestic Minx said...

Congrats on the awards!

Jen said...

Oh how I love posts like this one!! Blog recommendations are my favorite. I've met so many great blogger friends this way! :-)

Anonymous said...

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