Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

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I was supposed to have a quiet weekend this weekend. I was supposed to be gearing up for a big detox that was supposed to quick start today.

I was supposed to go to a baby shower in New Hampshire and then come home and go to the gym, go to the grocery store, write an interesting blog post, and talk to my parents.

It  had been an unusually uneventful weekend. I had gone to dinner with a colleague on Friday night and was home early and I had stayed in on Saturday night. Sunday was supposed to be a calm end to a calm weekend that was suppossed to kickoff a calm two weeks of detoxing and being healthy before a trip to London and Stockholm which is bound to be madness and full of indulgence.

But oh no... This International Woman of Mystery couldn't handle a calm weekend! Especially when faced with the prospect of the next weekend being calm as well! This International Woman of Mystery fell subject to peer pressure and ended up participating in Sunday Funday and spending NINE hours in a bar on Sunday night skipping the gym and then skipping Boot Camp in the morning and coming to work grumpy and hungover.

I blame a lot of people for my misbehavior, my lack of gym going, the fact that I didn't make it to Boot Camp and the fact that I'm HUNGOVER today. Let me give you the rundown.

First, let me start by blaming the baby shower. The baby shower where NO COCKTAILS were to be found! I wasn't really planning to drink a lot a the shower. I was driving. But I wouldn't have minded 1 drink. A bloody mary or a mimosa would have done the trick. Stopped the craving. Kept the alcoholic monster that lives inside me at bay. But alas, there was no alcohol to be found at the baby shower. WTF? And the ugly alcoholic monster reared its ugly head.

Next, I blame Hot Married Friend L (who didn't have to work today - lucky girl) who took full advantage of the in-satiated alcoholic monster that lives within me and convinced me that we needed "just one drink." I mean after all.... we did just survive a long baby shower with NO ALCOHOL. (And, let's face it, no matter how you look at it, baby showers are just not that fun).

"I'm going to the gym." I told her.

"Don't you have boot camp tomorrow?" She asks. "You can skip the gym tonight and make up for it tomorrow." I made a face. "Or, you can have just one drink and go to the gym later." Famous. Last Words.

Hot Married Friend L dropped the subject after that but no matter how I looked at it, the thought of a cold spicy bloody mary was just way more appealing then the sweaty smelly gym. And as we got back to Boston, I found myself pulling up to my favorite local "tavern." "Just one drink," I told her. Famous. Last Words.

One drink of course turned into just one more drink and just one more drink and just one more... Next I blame the Patriots (there are an awful lot of people blaming the Patriots today). First, I blame the Patriots packing the bar with people and making an interesting atmosphere. Second, I blame the Patriots for losing (thank you Tom Brady for that stunning loss) because of course then we had to drink some more.

Then, I blame the table next to us for catching us as we put on our jackets and were getting ready to leave at a rather acceptable hour. I blame them for inviting us to play a card game with them and then I blame them for continuing to order more and more drinks.  And before we knew it, it was MIDNIGHT and we had been at the bar since 3:00! Isn't it amazing how time flies when you are getting drunk.

Next, I blame The Company for not having MLK day as a holiday! Because if it had been a holiday today, then the whole day would have been a whole lot better. And I could have really enjoyed my Sunday Funday without feeling guilty or dealing with a work hangover (those are the worst, I usually try to avoid them).

Most of all I blame the alcoholic monster that lives inside me for once again overpowering the health nut that I think still lives there as well (although it is possible he drowned in a pool of alcohol).

And finally I blame I'm Attractive Single Friend C who is SUPPOSED to be detoxing with me this week but has just sent me a text to say "I'm craving a drink." Not helpful C. Not helpful at all.

I'm standing strong though. I'm not drinking until the 27th when I'm scheduled to leave for London. (I'm hoping if I say that out loud enough times, I will convince myself that I can do it).

So, thus begins day one of a 10 day detox of no alcohol and healthy eating while I attempt to revive the health nut and nurture him back to health so he can stand up to the alcoholic monster and sometimes (at least 50% of the time) win the battle.

Unfortunately, the bagel this morning was necessary to soak up the alcohol in my stomach (for some reason we managed to be at a bar for nine hours without eating dinner) but that was it... Now it's only healthy boring foods and water and tea. I had a big salad for lunch. Baby steps. Baby steps.

But please forgive me if I'm extremely grumpy these next days while I'm cultivating the health nut and reducing the strength of the alcoholic monster.

What did you do this weekend? Did you have a Sunday Funday too? Or did your inner health nut triumph over the alcoholic monster?


Bloody Mary Recipes said...

I think that when weighing the merits of hangover cures, one must also consider pleasure. A "medicine," which tastes awful is less likely to be taken. My vote goes to the Bloody Mary.


Lauren said...

I'm pretty sure that once in a while, we all need a Sunday Funday!

Sara Louise said...

This is awesome! Sounds like a blast! I'm envying your fun city life at the moment :-)

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I want a Sunday Funday!!!

Also, you're coming to London?? We should totally meet up!

Mademoiselle L. said...

Have fun! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your detox. Last year in March/April I was on this Lemon-Maple-Syrup Detox, but I lasted only one day on this mixture and went for honey and lemon in water. I've survived 10 days on this and the worst were first 4 days. x

Sarah B said...

I personally, ahem, think that if you are doing 2 weeks of indulgence in London and Stockholm, that you need to not completely detox yourself but get yourself in a routine, to better prepare yourself.

See...think of it this way. If you de-tox and then go to Europe, one night of overindulgence will ruin your trip. But if you just stay on a steady drip (bloody mary tonight, martini tomorrow, champagne the next day) then you're priming the pump so to speak.

Trust me, your system will thank you (and thank me!!)

Just think of it as priming the pump... :)

Katie @ said...

Ooh! Would you mind sharing your detox plan? Or is the goal just to not drink or do generally unhealthy things? I think I could benefit from something like that... Stay strong!

International Woman of Mystery said...

@Life Begins at Thirty - I just left you a comment on your blog. Let's meet up! Email me and I'll give you the details of the happy hour I'm planning next week.

@Mademoiselle L - ugh. I don't think I could ever do that extreme of a detox. I tried it once. I lasted 2 days. But good for you!

@Sarah B - you have a pretty good point. I'm a bit worried that I'm going to drink one drink and be a mess after taking so much time off... I'll have to try to be careful! And you are very persuasive by the way. Just the words champagne and bloody Mary wake up the alcoholic monster.

@Katie - I will definitely be sharing the detox plan in future posts.

Dara said...

I think that when weighing the merits of hangover cures, one must also consider pleasure. A "medicine," which tastes awful is less likely to be taken. My vote goes to the Bloody Mary . Cheers! Greg