Tuesday, July 27, 2010

London Weekend Part III: Sunday

So, after my unsuccessful Match date on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday morning feeling a bit lonely and looking for some distraction.

Luckily, my sexy single friend A texted me and invited me for brunch. I totally recommend Megan’s on King’s Road. They have the BEST English breakfast ever!

Unfortunately, I could not convince A to join me on the rest of the day’s adventures. And as there was no one else around, I decided to go on a London date by myself!

After lunch I took the bus to Embankment and got off. From there I started my journey. I walked down the Thames on the north side all the way to London Bridge and then all the way back home to Chelsea on the south side. This is a long walk! I had plenty of time to catch up with myself. No, I’m serious I had an internal conversation running with myself the entire time. I couldn't get myself to shut up. It was kind of annoying.

But all in all, I did have a nice day. I think everyone should date themselves once in awhile. It’s better than going on an awkward date and struggling to make conversation. You don’t have to worry about what you look like. You can eat ice cream and not try to look sophisticated and cute while doing it and inevitably fail as no one looks sophisticated and cute while eating ice cream. You can walk at your own pace. You can stop whenever you want. No one complains when you have to find a bathroom. The benefits of dating yourself go on and on.

My walk took me through some historic London spots. I thought that since I didn’t get to share the actual day with anyone, I thought that maybe I could share with you now and that will be kind the same. Almost the same. Ok - not at all the same but just look at the pictures below try to just imagine how much fun it would be to take a 6 hour walk with me along the Thames! If you are lucky, I might even let you hold my hand and buy me ice cream!

Westminster Abby                                                       Big Ben 

The London Eye

The pub where I had a pint by myself  (that was kind of lonely)

I watched some street artists - this one was cool - this little guy's dance movements seemed so human!

I listened to music at a Colombian street festival

See. That wasn't too bad. Don't you wish you were there with me?

Ok enough. As you can see from my most recent blog posts, I had a rather uneventful London weekend (although I did my best to turn it into a story). But never fear my friends, the International Woman of Mystery is about to embark on another global adventure. And it’s a big one this time!

Tomorrow evening, I fly to Stockholm and meet up with the Swedish girl group. On Thursday ,the 8 of us girls will rent a van and drive down to the west coast in the south of Sweden to a place called Smögen where we have rented a house for the weekend.

So, let me tell you one thing. I have the best girl group ever in Sweden! Not only are they hot girls, they all kind of rock and are totally fun. Every summer 8 of us rent a house together. We usually rent a house in Visby in Gotland and those trips make up some of my best memories ever. Thanks to my Swedish gals, I have also experienced some of the craziest parties ever in Visby during Stockholm’s veckan (week).

This year we decided to shake things up a bit and journey to a new destination that we hope will be just as fun! Smögen is a small harbour town. And wikipedia says: It is one of the liveliest "summer towns" of the Swedish West Coast. I hear there is good seafood there. But make no mistake, we are going for the party. Rumor has it that hot boys drive there on boats to dock and party and we want to check it out.

So, I’m off the grid for the next days. If you need me you’ll find me in Smögen wearing cute summer dresses, drinking lots of rose, sipping champagne, catching up with my girlfriends, listening to fun Euro-pop summer songs, playing drinking games card games with the girls (it’s a tradition), meeting my future Swedish husband meeting and flirting with cute boys and partying on their boats, eating yummy seafood, having fika... oh and the girls have a mysterious birthday activity planned for me - they are so awesome. I’m totally looking forward to the trip and I can’t wait to catch up with the girls.

But that’s not all that lies ahead for the International Woman of Mystery. Oh no! It gets even crazier. On Sunday we drive the 6 hours back to Stockholm and I will attempt to fly back to London on Sunday night or Monday morning (I really should sort this out). Then I must re-pack and make an appearance in the office and then get back to the airport cuz I’m going to SOUTH AFRICA!

My job is kind of awesome sometimes and I get to do cool things like go to South Africa. I AM going there for work. I swear. I even have serious stuff like meetings planned. But I won’t bore you with those details. The exciting thing is that after working from the office for a week, I’m GOING TO GO ON A SAFARI! How cool is that? I want to meet an African bushman see a Lion!

So stay tuned for the next crazy travel stories from the International Woman of Mystery. Try not to miss me too much when I’m gone!



Sara Louise said...

Before I met my husband, I used to date myself in Dublin a lot. I miss that.

Have a great time in Sweden, it sounds like a blast!

Jen said...

Your blog seriously rocks!!! Your name alone caught my attention over at Sara Lousie's blog that I had to stop by!!!

I love the pictures, and I love that you had a pint by yourself, lonely or not I think that shows major courage and independence!!!

Happy Wednesday! I look forward to many more awesome stories & adventures!

International Woman of Mystery said...

@Sara - Dating yourself is definately fun - sometimes... Sweden was a blast! Will write about it soon. Now off to South Africa!

@Jen - so glad you stopped by and like what you see. More adventures coming soon for sure!