Monday, August 16, 2010

Internet Dating Update

Whoa. I left my Match account alone this weekend and now have 64 unread emails since Friday night. What’s going on?

Including two emails from Dr. Manish. Who was begging me to contact him by providing me with mobile phone numbers and two email addresses. How can you even take someone seriously when they sign their emails “manish.” Gentlemen, a little advice, when you seem to desperate, it’s a turn off. One phone number or email address will suffice.

And why do men put lots of X’s in the emails. Like: hope to hear from you x

Or even worse: I thought you were sooo cute xxxxxxx. Ewww.

By the way, i also hate when men use LOL. Actually, I hate when anyone uses that. It’s silly.

And poor Asian 5 foot 6 Phong with the very large ears... I’m sorry. You wrote me a nice email. Thank you for the compliment on my “pretty pictures.” But - no... it’ not going to happen.

But this guy, he had it right:

..yep I know I am too old and ugly for you!
But reading your profile made me smile
Hopefully one day you will meet Mr Right, and you will ditch the international woman of mystery thing :)

Thank you. I hope I find Mr. Right too, but I’m glad that you realize that it’s not going to be you.

And this one was really sweet and he was kind of cute, in a big cuddly teddy bear sort of way, and seemed like a nice guy.... But he is a country boy who doesn’t even live in London and although he proclaims to want to travel, he doesn’t seem very wordly to me. Meeting him would just be wasting his time and mine. But I did feel sad when I pressed delete on this one:

Oh my goodness me, how lovely are you! What great pics and a profile to match. You certainly don't sound like a 'nerd' as you suggest. Your life sounds action-packed. Having read your profile I think I better get back to the drawing board and re-write mine!

Now that I'm back in town for a few weeks, I should probably go out on a date with one of these boys soon. I’m thinking about taking the tall dark and handsome cop up on his offer to take me out. What do you think? Should I go for it?

The problem is, I’m all talk and no game. I’m kind of shy (although you would never really know it if you met me) and I get dreadfully nervous before dates. What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t think I look like my pictures? What if I don’t like them? What if it’s terrible and awkward? What if he's a psychopath?

All you fellow Internet daters, any advice? How do you manage pre-date jitters? Comments highly appreciated!

Happy Monday!



Matt79 said...

I went on a fair few internet dates several years ago. I calmed the nerves by telling myself that it really wasn't a big deal if it went badly - it's not like I knew them in real life and would have uncomfortable future dealings with them (e.g. work colleague; friend of friend.)

You have the added bonus that if it's terrible it'll probably make good blogging material!

Jonas said...

Take a coffee just to get an idea how he is, if you don't like him / there's no wibe, just drink up and say thank you and walk out.

I still don't get how you can be shy!


International Woman of Mystery said...

@Matt - thanks for your advice! I will try it. I have agreed to go on a date with the hot cop on Monday! Wish me luck. But you are right, if it goes bad, then at least it's good blog material!

@Jonas - I love that you are reading this!! And I'm totally shy - I just hide it well. By the way, coffee dates are so Swedish. I think a drink is more common here. But let's see what this guy comes up with. I will for sure keep you posted.