Monday, November 15, 2010

My Apartment

So, I figured I would share with you some pictures of the mistress in my life. The reason that I have not had time for you lately. The thing that has been keeping me way to busy to blog

The good news is that my apartment now has enough furniture now to be livable and to feel like home! And most of my stuff is unpacked although I have a couple boxes in the closet that still need unpacking. So, hopefully I can stop totally stressing about it and get back to blogging.

Obviously my apartment is not yet complete. I still need to get some more furniture for the living room. I think I need a desk, some kind of eating table and maybe a chair. I probably need a shelf or storage space of some kind since I still have boxes in the closet of things that don't yet have a "home."

I also need a rug and stuff for the walls. Although not a big TV fan, I probably will get a television at some point, especially since the wall mount for one is already installed.

I also have ordered two more stools for the counter (the one in the pictures is one my parents brought from home because they felt bad that I had no furniture).

The pillows on the couch are so not right. I have to find more appropriate ones. The problem is that the couch has very low arms and is therefore not very comfortable to "curl up" on (do not buy a couch with low arms - trust me), so the couch needs lots of pillows - just not those pillows...

Anyway, I'm ready to show you it now. So, here it is... my new apartment in its current state. Let me know what you think.

Kitchen and living room area
Couch with the bad pillows and the $20 Ikea coffee table I bought to be "temporary" but that I kinda like

Kitchen Area



Bedroom and my awesome walk-in closet that actually has a washer and dryer over to the left-hand side

Does this seem like a pretty good apartment for an International Woman of Mystery? What should I do to improve it? Any suggestions on the rest of the furniture for the living room?

Hope your week is off to a GREAT start. Happy Monday!


Lauren said...

Need a roommate? ;) your place is gorgeous! THe only thing i might add is a couple of black frame-white matted photos above your bed.

Looks like Boston living aint so bad.

Oh, and you may want one more stool for when you meet the international man of mystery.

Marcela said...

VERY nice! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I love the Mahogny color in the kitchen!
The color in the bedroom is a bit depressing in my taste anyway..
I am really impressed that you have managed to furnish your apartment to a " I´ve lived here for years" in a few days!

P.Y.T. said...

so I'm at work and reading blogs...sooo bad!!!...therefore I can't comment as thoroughly as I'd like to but here's what I can get out....

LOVE your apt!!!! I'm so jealous!! Nice job getting it together so fast...I see what your saying about those low arms on the couch...but I kinda love those pillows...they look so comfy. i agree with putting some pics/frames around...maybe some candles??

jules said...

Wow. I love your apartment! The couch is very modern looking, but yes, that would not be great to lounge on without the appropriate pillow set up!

SSW said...

Your apartment is so very bachelorette, I love it! The couch may not be cozy but its oh so stylish I love it! You will get it decorated soon and yes add some color to your bedroom, it looks so sterile!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am coveting your fireplace. Your place looks cozy and lovely..Well done! I might watch "Diary of a call girl" for design ideas( I LOVE that show)---don't get me wrong, I know you are much classier than her and not an escort. But her apartment seems very high-end "international affair" and not at all what might expect when one imagines such a show. That said, you are doing very well on your own.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Nice! I am very jealous of your digs. Mine has blood red carpet and curtains. Please tell me how I'm supposed to work with that?!

Haha, LOVE the UK pillow ;) I'd say you should check out West Elm! Some of their stuff would rock out your flat.

Average Girl said...

You know it is so charming! I love it... Did you know I have my education in interior design? You are going to have so much fun designing that place!!!

Julianna said...

Love the fireplace! I would give suggestions, but I'm all decorated out lately. :( Check out Slumber designs blog, she's always got great stuff. -J

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the space! What a great find. I think some fresh flowers for a pop of color, some colorful art work and your own personal touches are all that is needed.

I love the long section of the sofa. I like sofas like that. A nice colorful throw blanket may brighten it up a bit. :-)

Way to go bringing it together so fast. can't wait to see the finished product.

International Woman of Mystery said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone and great advice on adding some color and some pictures. I'll definately do that. I had to do this part quickly - just to have a place to live - but I think I would like to spend a bit more time searching for the correct remaining pieces to complete the apartment.

The fireplace totally rocks. It's so cozy to turn it on at night and sit there - it's fake but it gets really warm and looks really real.

@Tracey - that is so cool! I didn't know you were an interior designer!

Mademoiselle L. said...

I love your place! Don't call it small - you should call it COSY! :) Perfect for snuggling etc. ;)
I also want to CONGRATULATE you on building all this Ikea furniture! That's some DIY project. Plus, when I'm in Ikea or look at the catalogue - the furniture in the bedroom is exactly from the range I like!
I also noticed a VERY nice pillow on the bed and a London guide on the shelf on the coffee table.
And being a little detective I also noticed a Breaking Dawn on the third shelf from the top! BUSTED! Now the whole world will know that you like Twilight (I don't judge - I like it myself). :D
Soon you'll have some nice posters/pics/paintings hanging on the wall and you'll feel totally at home! :)

Sara Louise said...

LOVE IT!!! It's beautiful and warm and so much you can do with it!
I really like the tiles in the kitchen, the floors, and the doorknobs.
I'm so happy for you!! :-) xo

International Woman of Mystery said...

@Mademmoiselle L - you are truly a super sleuth. I was wondering if anyone would pick up on the personal aspect as I don't usually post personal photos. :)

But I'm definately an avid reader and have tons of travel guides laying around - part of being an International Woman of Mystery I guess.

And I have secretly (or not so secretly now that you have outed me) read all the Twighlight books TWICE!

And the awesome London pillow is from a friend as a going away gift. Actually, my apartment is filled with small treasures from living abroad (not all are visible in these pics though).

Catherine said...

Your apartment is beautiful! I especially like the floors and the kitchen. Well done :)