Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sometimes Being Single Isn't All That Bad

I recently read a blog post that resonated strongly with me. So, much so that I couldn't have said it better myself so I'm going to re-post.

Thank you Lucky Girl over at How Very Lucky for writing such an awesome list to remind me (and all the other awesome single gals of the world) of why it's not so bad to be single. I needed this as lately I've been bemoaning the fact that I'm without a man and I've been busy making a mental list of the opposite sort - all the reasons I wish I had a man.

Check it out and definitely get on over and visit her awesome blog as well! And let me know what you think. Do you agree with this list? Have anything to add?
  1. Everything in my apartment is mine.
  2. The only person who goes through my stuff is me.
  3. With the exception of the occasional cleaning lady mishap, my stuff stays where I put it.
  4. Often, this is my closet, which I don’t have to share.
  5. I can snore without consequence, and, conversely, not be kept awake by another who does.
  6. A similar principle applies to farting.  Yes.  Girls pass gas, too.
  7. I can hit snooze 6 times without making anyone angry.
  8. I can hog all the blankets, and all the bed.
  9. Morning breath?  What morning breath?  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it…
  10. I never have to wait for the shower.
  11. My toilet seat is never in the wrong position.
  12. I can take as long as I want to get ready.
  13. No one uses my razor on their face.
  14. No one does the dishes after I cook.  But no one complains if I don’t do them, either.
  15. The only ones whining about food are my cats. (this one doesn't exactly apply to me yet, although I'm seriously considering getting a kitten).
  16. I don’t have to clean up anyone’s mess but my own. 
  17. I can play the music of my choice, at the volume of my choice, any time of my choice.
  18. I can have quiet, alone time anytime I want it.
  19. I never have to fight for the remote control.
  20. This means that sports is never on my TV.  Unless the Steelers are playing.
  21. I can go home with whomever I want.
  22. Or not go home with whomever I want.
  23. Three words: More. Sexual. Variety. Three more: Possibly. More. Sex.
  24. I never have to fake an orgasm, I can give them to myself daily.  And I never have “headaches”.
  25. Extra garlic, please.
  26. I can flirt wildly and without restraint.
  27. But maybe not after all the extra garlic.
  28. My friends all get along with my other half.  Because my other half is currently me.
  29. I can take care of myself.
  30. I have worked hard for and earned everything that I have.
  31. No marriage penalty tax.
  32. I don’t have to check anyone’s schedule before deciding on my own.
  33. Ladies night is every night.
  34. I can, and often do, go out every night of the week.
  35. I have more free time, for myself, my friends, and generally doing things that I enjoy.
  36. I am free to travel where and when I like.
  37. I don’t have to concern myself with what anyone else’s mother thinks.
  38. I can always spend holidays with my family.
  39. And…I put my happiness where it ought to be: First.


Hi, my name is Kerri and I'm a shoeaholic! said...

You can go grocery shopping for whatever you want without having to worry if someone else likes your selection or not!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminders, every now and then it is good to put things into perspective!! :-)

Here are some of mine...

You get to spend all sunday morning in your PJ's with your hair in my signature "snot knot" reading blogs and don't have to feel bad about ignoring anyone.

You can cry at books and movies without that "do you cry at everything" look.

You can work out in your house to ondemand workouts without a guy watching you sweat and worrying about what your ass looks like as you jump around.

If you have a cold and sleep with tissues stuffed up your nose and wake with drool caked to your cheek...nobody has to see that either.

Julianna said...

You don't have to play well with others. :)

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Yes, I like this perspective too :)

I think it all boils down to: freedom to do whatever the hell you want! :D

Which is why I'm picky: because it's going to take a lot to give this up ;)

Average Girl said...

That is an awesome list... I use to make that type of list when I was single to remind me of what was so great about it. And there was so many things!

Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving, even if I am your northern neighbour... lol

I hope your day has been absolutely fantabulous sweet cheeks!


Sara Louise said...

When I finally mastered the art of being single, when I was finally truly happy being me, alone with me, I met my husband.