Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a Week!

I have not managed to get myself back on the dating horse here in Boston (I'm thinking this might be a project for Thanksgiving - to sign up for some dating sites and switch over my dating profile). But never fear! The life of an International Woman of Mystery is NEVER dull.

Let me tell you a little bit about my week.

Here is an executive summary of what went downn this week in the life of an International Woman of Mystery:

I did over 200 pushups. I did hundreds of sit ups. I sprinted up and down hills. I skipped Boot Camp due to the rain. But still managed to get to Boot Camp despite lots of drinks and shots the night before. I saw the Bruins win. I watched the Celtics loose. I learned what a hat trick is. I drank way too much Blue Moon beer. I drank way too much champagne on Saturday night. I discovered the burrito place down the street and ate burritos every single day (yes, I really did). I woke up with a hangover on Saturday but still managed to throw an awesome housewarming party. I worked a lot. I socialized with work people a lot. I texted my boss to tell him I thought my colleagues were hot I was the victim of a work practical joke...

And now for the details:

Being the insane person that I am, I have continued to torture myself with week number two of 6 am Boot Camp.  Although I will admit that even the International Woman of Mystery is not superhuman, I totally skipped it on Wednesday when the alarm went off at 5:30 in the morning and I could hair the sound of the rain POURING even over my white noise machine and the loud buzzing noise outside my bedroom window (I have mentioned this noise a few times now - it is unfortunately the downside of my new apartment). I can't say it's gotten any easier to get up in the morning but I do feel good about doing it (even though it makes me hungry and cold for the rest of the day - oh and tired. So very tired).
This week I got a re-introduction to the Boston sports scene in a BIG way! My company has box seats to the Garden for the Celtics and Bruins (how awesome is that)? So, on Thursday night I went to the Bruins game and Friday night I went to the Celtics game!

The Bruins game was exciting as it featured a hat trick - the same guy scored 3 goals. I found this out when I asked someone why everyone was throwing their hats on the ice! Look at all these things I'm learning.

Sporting events to to involve a lot of beer and as I live and work in walking distance of the Garden, it was way too convenient to go out for drinks after the game despite the fact that I tried to plead out of it. Drinks for some reason led to shots (I can't even remember the last time I did a shot on a weeknight).

So, needless to say that Friday morning Boot Camp (yes, I did make it) was not a lot of fun. Especially when the trainer seemed to be in a big bad mood and made us do hill sprints and over 200 push ups (obviously done the girlie way on our knees) and various other torturous exercises in the what was the hardest Boot Camp yet!

The Celtics unfortunately did not bring it the same way the Bruins did and ended up loosing by 4 points. But at the game I learned what little pranksters the guys I work with are (I'm working with mainly men in a technical environment so I guess it shouldn't surprise you). No one is safe from them. I know better than to leave my computer unlocked when I get up from my desk (or random emails and embarrassing emails will be sent). But after a few beers, I wasn't paying attention and had left my un-password protected phone laying around. Luckily one of my female colleagues managed to rescue my phone before any damage was done and remind me to keep my phone in a safe place at all times.

But even with that reminder, I fell victim to a little practical joke that I should have seen coming a mile away. 

Since I'm working with mobile in my new job and since I'm working in a rather geeky tech environment, there is often a lot of discussion about mobile phones. There is a definite ongoing Android vs. Iphone discussion. I won't bore you with all the details. But I need to explain this to get to the next point.

So my rather Cute co-worker has an Android phone and rather than typing, you can kind of just drag your fingers over the keys without lifting them and the words will appear. It looks very strange. I had seen him do this in meetings and was wondering how hard it was to do. So, he opened his phone and started a blank text message and showed me how to do it.

He wrote: This is a text message
Then I wrote the following very uncreative sentence: This is International Woman of Mystery. I am at a Celtics game with Cute Co-worker now.*
Then our prankster colleague came up to see what we were doing and wrote: Prankster colleague is hot according to International Woman of Mystery. Have a good night.

And then of course he immediately sent this text message TO MY BOSS!

So this message from Cute Co-worker's phone randomly went to my new boss.

This is a text message. This is International Woman of Mystery. I am at a Celtics game with Cute Co-worker now. Prankster Colleague is hot according to International Woman of Mystery. Have a good night.

Needless to say I was pretty embarrassed. But apparently my boss is used to them doing such things as he immediately texted back to say that Cute Co-worker should know better than to leave his phone around when Prankster colleague is there. Still it was embarrassing for such an incriminating and unnecessary text to be sent with my name all over it. Oh well. Lesson learned. I need to watch those guys all the time!

Saturday night I had a kick-ass housewarming party at my new apartment! I invited old and new colleagues and friends and we filled up my apartment and drank way too much. I was super excited that many of my college roommates showed up even though many live out of state. It was great to see them! Although way way too much champagne and wine have made Sunday pretty miserable especially since I had a lot of cleaning to do.

So, that was my week. How was your week? Are you looking forward to the long weekend ahead as much as I am? I have lots of things going on this week. I will be sure to tell you all about them soon.

*Obviously real names were used


Average Girl said...

I'm coming to live your life... mine involved shoveling snow, feeding birds, taking pictures, watching TV...


oops sorry... i fell asleep on my keyboard from sheer bordem of my life!

Julianna said...

When Almost Hubs first started in our office he hid my purse. He hid my phone. One day, I left my car keys on the desk. I left in the mail truck to deliver the mail. I came back, attempted to leave for the day, and my CAR WAS GONE.

He moved my car. BASTARD.

Yet, I love him anyway.

International Woman of Mystery said...

@Average Girl - so funny! That made me laugh a lot. And after a day of a wicked hangover, I needed that.

@Julianna - Those are pretty crazy pranks! So Almost Hubs and you met at work huh? I might or might not have made some small omissions involving the cute co-worker...

jules said...

I love that you are loving your new Boston life! And sometimes, too much champagne happens! Oops. You got your bootcamp in, its all ok!

Sara Louise said...

Is the awesome burrito place buloco? Cause if it is, I LOVE that place!

International Woman of Mystery said...

No. It's Anna's Taqueria as it's right down the street. But I have seen boloco around and was wondering if it's good. Will have to go there soon!