Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Me Encanta Barcelona!

I know that you are all waiting impatiently for an update from my awesome weekend in Barcelona...

Well all I can say is that it was an amazing weekend with great people. But for the most part, what happens in Barcelona should really stay in Barcelona. However, fear not although I might scrimp on the details... I will provide you with top ten list.

Top Ten Fabulous Things About My Barcelona weekend
  1. Getting to hang out con mi hermano!
  2. Getting to meet all my brother's fun and interesting friends - they truly made it a great weekend!
  3. Eating really amazing Catellan food cooked by the sweetest gay couple ever! Gracias M and D - you are the best!
  4. Drinking Estrella beer in the park while riding on a rocking horse and sitting on ducks
  5. Going to a Warehouse party and dancing all night long (and I do mean all night and well into the morning)
  6. Meeting a cute Italian/French guy at the said Warehouse party - he invited me home on his motorbike (how Italian right?) but I politely declined.
  7. The fact that for a few hours cigarettes and gin were the best thing in the world (I will not explain this one, if you were there, you know what I'm talking about)
  8. Not wearing high heels once all weekend - my brother and friends rock a slightly different dress code than my London/Stockholm friends - sneakers and jeans were totally ok
  9. Sitting around for hours doing nothing - I didn't even think I remembered how to do nothing - lately, it's all been work work work and go go go; I've forgotten how to relax, I've forgotten how to slow down, I've forgotten how to turn off from work... this weekend I learned the true art of doing nothing from my brother and his friends
  10. Good music and the funny You Tube videos I was introduced to by my brother's flatmate S (this was part of the doing nothing thing that I experienced in general my free life doesn't have time for Youtube... if I have free time, I write this blog for my faithful readers) But check out llamas with hats and David after the dentist for a good laugh! (Caaarl... what did you do?) And check out this video full of fun English sounding gibberish!
  11. Hablando espanol! (yo se - ya tengo diez puntos pero uno mas esta bien) - Era muy bello a hablar espanol de nuevo. No he hablado expanol hace much tiempo and me encanta el idioma

 Top Ten Not So Fabulous Things about My Barcelona Weekend

  1. Lack of sleep from way too much partying
  2. Not having enough warm clothes with me... I thought it was going to be warm out - I brought summer clothes. I needed cold weather and water proof clothes
  3. The hangovers
  4. Stumbling out of the warehouse party at 9 am in the morning to find a painfully bright day and then enduring an extremely long and painful journey home on the subway
  5. The torrential downpour that overtook the city on Sunday night - it wouldn't let up so we decided that we would run home - we were soaked as if we had just swam in the ocean (which by the way, I managed not to see the entire weekend)!
  6. The fact that I didn't once get to win at the game cheat also known as bull shit or mentira (en espanol) - this is a totally awesome game by the way and you should totally play it (preferably while drinking lots of Estrella beer) but I unfortunately didn't manage to win and that made me a little sad and that's why this is going on my top ten not so fabulous list rather than to my top ten fabulous list (ok, ok, I would have put it on my top ten list but I already had eleven good things and not enough bad things)
  7. Leaving Barcelona
Note: There are only 7 items on this list because these were the ONLY bad things I could think of about Barcelona.

Hasta Luego Barcelona. Ya te estrano y necesito regresar muy pronto!  

 (I do not know how to make the accents and tildes on my computer. Lo siento)!

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