Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reality TV

All work and no play is making me a very boring person. Or at least a very boring blogger. My apologies to you all.

Actually, work is just one excuse. My other excuse is that rather than spending my precious little free time blogging, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have been spending it watching terrible television in the form of bad American reality TV shows. I try to justify this with the fact that living abroad for 8 years has put me in danger of loosing my "American-ness. " And reality TV for some reason makes me feel a bit closer to home. Therefore I spend copious amounts of time watching The Hills, The City, The Real Housewives and of course Jersey Shore - (which by the way is the most awesome bad reality show ever - do you hear they are doing a Miami version - how excited are you)???? Fist Pump!

The other justification is that it's "brain fluff." Now and then you just need a good dose of brainlessness especially when your job seems to demand so much brain power that you sometimes think that your brain might be in danger of exploding because it's so overworked... But seriously, the more stressed I am, the worse my television choices get.

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 3 is my latest fascination. (Yes, I have watched Seasons 1 and 2 and sadly I have also watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County and New Jersey - what can I say... I find it relaxing and addicting - a perfect antidote to my stressful job). I have to say that the OC Housewives are my favorites since they are the originals and they are actually "almost" civil to each other - in fact, sometimes it's almost boring because there is such a lack of conflict. But the New York City Housewives on the other hand, well they are truly catty vicious women who just pick at each other incessantly. They have certainly upped the drama in Season 3 although it's getting a bit annoying that all they do is knock each other down. But I secretly like them because they are older women who generally look good, wear great clothes and have fabulous lifestyles and most of them have good careers. I have to say that although I think she is super annoying, her voice is grating and she kind of looks like a frog (something in the shape of her face), I secretly like Bethanney Frankel. Ok - maybe I just like her because despite her documented bad luck in love, she still manages to get married and have a baby (just this week I think) in her late 30's. This all proves that there is hope for me yet!

But maybe my fascination with the Real Housewives is because if I were in a reality show, that would probably be the most likely one for me... I mean I'm not young enough, cute enough, or had enough body altering "procedures" to be on the Hills. I'm not beautiful or fashionista enough to be on The City. And while I might secretly wish that I was a guidette, I don't think I have the hair volume or the fist pump to handle Jersey Shore.

I could however be that token career focused single gal (A'la Bethanney Frankel) on the Real Housewives... However, I'm not sure I could handle the Real Housewives Drama. Because I have to deal with so much drama in my professional life, I tend to try to minimize it as much as possible in my personal life... Seriously, there is at least one woman in my office who BELONGS on the Real Housewives. If they do a London version, I think I will recommend her. Actually, I will recommend myself. She is just annoying - certainly nowhere near as interesting as me.

Perhaps there should be a Reality Show about a single 30 something International Woman of Mystery. Working hard, playing hard and looking for love in all the wrong places... I think I know a good star for the show.

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