Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding Season Statistics

So, it's wedding season... This summer I have been invited to attend FIVE weddings!

I like numbers... So, let's look at some wedding statistics: 
  • I have been invited to 5 weddings this summer. As I have over 500 Facebook friends that means exactly 1% of my friends are getting married. Ok scratch that. Exactly 1% of my friends have invited me to their weddings this summer. I have a feeling that other people might be getting married and decided not to invite me... They are missing out. I am a fun wedding guest. For Sure!
  • There are 3 weddings in the US that take place over the span of 5 weekends.
  • There are 2 weddings in Stockholm.
  • The first wedding is in 3 weeks. It's in Stockholm.
  • At the Stockholm wedding there will be exactly 1 ex-boyfriend (The teacher - who I have not yet blogged about). His Facebook status tells me he is recently single. I hope he stays single. I hope to blog about him after the wedding.
  • The second wedding is in 4 weeks. It's in the US. It is actually in W. Mass. I have known the groom since he was 3.
  • The third wedding is in 6 weeks. It's in San Fransisco. I have known the groom since he was born. You could almost say that he is like my second brother.
  • The fourth wedding is in 8 weeks. It's on Nantucket. The bride is the second of my 3 closest high school girlfriends to get married. I have known her since she was 3.
  • The hotel room in Nantucket costs $1404.07 for 3 days for 4 people. It's expensive.
  • The 5th and final wedding is in October. It's in Stockholm. The bride is the first of my 8 close Swedish girlfriends to get married. Obviously women get married at an older age in Europe. I'm all for that trend.
  • There is a 6th good friend getting married this summer. She is one of my 7 college roommates. Since we went to her first wedding, we are not invited to the second one. Nevertheless, I am very happy for her and think that the man she is marrying is awesome!
  • So far, I have 0 ideas about what to wear to any of the 5 weddings.
  • Today the weather is 9 degrees (Celsius - remember that I have now forgotten Fahrenheit but I think that is somewhere in the 40's - but anyway it's COLD! Really Cold. Way more cold than it should ever be in Mid-May).
  • I might be wrong but I think the weather in London at this time of year should be somewhere around 18 degrees Celsius.
  • Because I was stressed out about the not having anything to wear dilemma, I just got up and checked my closet. I have exactly 4 summer dresses that could possibly recycled (I have worn 3 of them once before and one of them 0 times - it has been unloved because it is green and that is not really my color). But it's hard to imagine wearing a summer dress when iMother Nature is insisting on winter weather even though the calender clearly says SPRING!
  • There are 5 weddings. I have 0 dates to any of the weddings.
  • In my lifetime I have probably attended over 20 weddings. I have had 0 dates for any weddings ever. I sometimes wonder if this "statistic" does indeed make me a very sad person. In fact, I have stopped even being invited to weddings with dates. There is never any "plus 1" for me. It is just now assumed that I am only 1. Dateless. Alone. Single. 1.

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