Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer in London

It's official! Summer has finally come to London. It's amazing that in just one weekend people went from being pale and white and covered from head to toe in winter clothing to being tan and showing as much skin as possible. I LOVE summer! It makes me a nicer and happier person.

I for one am VERY happy to break out my summer wardrobe. My summer wardrobe is just SO much better than my winter one. I'm a big fan of summer dresses and accidently bought 3 new ones this weekend. But hey - I have 5 weddings this summer... I am in serious need of some new dresses even if I financially should not be spending the money.

The bad thing about summer in London seems to be SPIDERS! I am not a fan of creepy crawly things. Cocroaches and spiders are #1 and #2 on my list of things that totally freak me out. So far, I have found and killed 2 spiders in the past week. And I can't stop thinking about all the unseen and unknown spiders that are probably lurking around. I seroiusly need a boyfriend for this. Every time I see a bug, I want to scream for the closest man around - usually in the form of a father or a boyfriend. But since my father lives on another continent and has spent at least 18 years killing bugs for me... I think it's time for a boyfriend to take over these duties.

But seriously, killing bugs is totally not a thing a girl should do. I feel the same about changing light bulbs, using screwdrivers, setting up computers or internet connections, figuring out why the television in my apartment doesn't work, carrying heavy things, hanging pictures, using a hammer, figuring out anything technical, making decisions about electronics, using a power drill, reaching things in high places or basically contributing to any handiness around the house... Alas, I am a single girl. So, I unfortunately have to suck it up and do those things from time to time. In the past week in addition to killing 2 spiders, I also used a screwdriver and finally after weeks of trying managed to get my phone to work again. I'm hoping that a man will rescue me soon from having to do these types of activities. Boyfriend oh boyfriend, where are you? Can't I at least find a stand in man to kill the spiders and fix things in my apartment for me in London this summer? Even a temporary boyfriend should do the trick...

In other news, I had an enjoyable weekend. On Friday night I went to Kensington Roof Gardens, which was nice but due to another stressful week at work, I was too tired to really enjoy it. But I did have an experience that I feel is worth mentionoing: I GOT CARDED going into the club! The funny thing as that at lunch that day I was speaking to some colleauges of a bit of a younger generation then me and they were asking me how old I was - I told them that a true lady doesn't reveal her age... Anyway, they told me I looked young (awww... how sweet of them). As all of us are at least well over the drinking age we started talking about if we ever get carded in London (while this is common in America if you look under 35, it's not so common in the rest of the world). When I told them that I had been carded twice at Waitrose (the supermarket here) however, they did look a bit doubtful! So, that night at the club I couldn't believe it when the bouncer asked me for my ID. My friend with me started freaking out since she didn't have hers with her. So, I asked him "Do you need everyone's ID?" And GUESS WHAT he said? "Nope. Just yours!" That means he actually felt that he needed to check if I was over 20 years old!!! Let me say that one more time:

He thought that I was possibly YOUNGER than 20 years old!

Ok... then he did look at my ID, laugh and tell me I was old. But who who cares! It made my night. Besides, I am old. At least a whole decade plus older than 20!

Other than that, I layed in the park on both Saturday and Sunday - and I have a sunburn to show for it. I read a great book Water For Elephants - if you haven't read it already, then I suggest you do! And I went running. All and all, a nice weekend. I should have done some productive things, and I should have done some work. But sometimes, I need a break too! This week I'm off to Madrid for work on Thursday and Friday and will stay over the weekend. Should be fun! I'm looking forward to it. Stay tuned for a Madrid adventure post.

And if anyone knows of a good man who is handy around the house, technically enabled and doesn't mind killing a spider or two while I cower in the corner... well, send him around!

Have a great week!

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